Field School Proposal

To meet the growing student demand for short-term summer study abroad options, the Centre for International Programs (CIP) developed the concept of International Summer Field Schools in 2015. Since then, 39 Field Schools have been offered in 18 countries, enabling a multitude of students from diverse academic programs to explore specific topics from a global perspective. More information about past Field Schools can be found on the CIP website.

Field Schools are two to six-week intensive courses offered in locations outside of Canada during the summer semester (May/June preferably). This is an opportunity for departments to internationalize an existing course, or develop a new course, based on existing academic and research partnerships abroad. The Centre for International Programs provides some financial support for the running of the Field School program (usually $5000 /offering but amount may vary depending on the number of Field Schools funded). 

The Call for Proposals for Field Schools being held in summer 2025 can be found here.  The deadline for proposals is Friday, June 14, 2024.
Detailed information about the process of organizing a Field School can be found in the Field School Manual.

Successful Field School proposals will:

  • Clearly address the University's global understanding learning outcome.
  • Provide opportunities for intercultural interaction among students and partners abroad.
  • Be either an existing course adapted to be offered in a location outside of Canada or a new course developed specifically to take advantage of an international setting.
  • Demonstrate how the international setting contributes to the course content and student learning.
  • Have a course credit weighting from 0.5 to 1.5 credits (1.0 credits preferred).
  • Preferably be a 3rd-year level course.
  • Be related to any subject area or discipline and preferably provide more than one disciplinary perspective. Cross-department collaborations are encouraged.
  • Range in length from 2-6 weeks abroad and be able to be offered in the summer semester, preferably in May/June of the academic year following the submission of this proposal (however, courses in July or August can be considered). A portion of the course can be offered on campus at Guelph, either before or after the international component. 
  • Be designed with an eye to reducing costs to both students and the institution.
  • Be offered in a location in keeping with the University's Safe International Travel Policy and address issues of risk mitigation in terms of student activities and location.
  • Demonstrate respectful and ethical relationships with local partners and residents. 
  • Have the financial support of the offering department, including the cost of instruction.

Questions about Field Schools can be directed to Allison Broadbent, Study Abroad Manager,

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