Application Instructions


Steps to Apply for Study Abroad

*Please note that students should start looking into study abroad programs approximately one year before they would like to go!

Students from all undergraduate and graduate programs, who meet the minimum cumulative average of 68% are eligible to apply to study abroad.

*Please note that students who are registered with SAS and are interested in studying abroad should contact the CIP office and your SAS Advisor as early as possible. The majority of CIP's partner universities have offices similar to SAS at U of G, therefore, by reaching out early we can find the opportunity that is best suited to your study abroad interests and accessibility needs. 

All students must first complete the info session in order to get access to the online application.

Info sessions are a general overview of all programs, deadlines, and things you should consider when applying to study abroad. They will be available from September-January and we will offer some program-specific sessions (for field schools and others) so be sure to watch our social media for more information!  Find out more and register for an info session here.

Please use our Program Search Tool to see which partner institutions you can study abroad at.

Please make sure you review the number of spots available at each of our partner universities, here.

Use this information to help you rank your top five choices. Destinations with more spots available are generally less competitive than those with only a few spots available. For competitive locations, students with the highest cumulative average will be placed first. If you are choosing competitive locations, we recommend placing them among your top choices and selecting some less competitive options for the remaining choices. 

Note: if you plan to apply for a summer program and a semester exchange program you will only submit ONE application. Rank your summer program first, with your semester exchange choices after. Also, make sure you check the box on the online application that asks if you would like to be considered for two programs. 

CIP's Online Application: The vast majority of our study abroad programs will require you to complete the online application through our office. These applications will become available in early December. Students will receive an email from the CIP office once they have been added to and have access to the online application. This email will also include more detailed application instructions.

Note: you will be able to start the application, save your progress, and complete/submit it later. However, don't forget to come back and submit it before the deadline! 

OUI Provincial Online Applications: The OUI Provincial Exchange programs, whether that is an exchange semester, research program, or summer language program, require an OUI online application. You can find links to the online applications in the appropriate sections of our website. Be sure to follow the specific instructions on the application. After you have completed the online application you will be sent a pdf copy, you are required to send this pdf copy along with a copy of all required documents to the CIP office,

**All provincial applications must be submitted to the CIP office by 4:30 pm on the due date.

Use the chart below to ensure you submit the correct application type by the appropriate deadline.

Study Abroad Program Application Type Deadline
CIP  OUI Other
Exchange X     26 January 2024
Provincial Exchange X X   26 January (CIP) & 19 January (OUI)
Summer Field Schools X     26 January 2024
Summer Exchange X     26 January 2024
Summer Language X X   26 January (CIP) & 19 January (OUI)
Research - OBW X X   26 January (CIP) & 19 January (OUI)
Research - ORA X X   26 January (CIP) & 19 January (OUI)
Research - Liverpool X   X 19 January 2024
Research - Bremen  X   X 19 January 2024
Research - Hohenheim X   X 19 January 2024
Research - Konstanz X   X 19 January 2024
Research - Lavras X   X 19 January 2024

**All OUI & Other applications must be submitted to the CIP office by 4:30 pm on the due date.

Sometimes waiting is the hardest step! Between the application deadline in January and acceptance day in March, the CIP office will be working hard to place students. During this time we would encourage you to check out travel scholarships and bursaries. As well as start putting together a realistic budget for yourself. Information about financial considerations for studying abroad can be found here.

Please note that when we start placing students we will close the application portal, therefore, you will not be able to see the application that you submitted. Don't panic, we have your application and are just reviewing it to place you somewhere! 

This is a very exciting day!! 

You will receive an email on acceptance day with information about how to access your placement information, links to your acceptance material, and more. 

You will have one week after Acceptance Day to accept or reject your offer through the same portal in which you submitted the application.

If you received two offers, you must accept/reject each offer individually. 


Find a full outline of the study abroad process here.

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