Academics at Guelph

Crelman Hall

The Academic System

The academic system in Canada and at the University of Guelph may be very different from the system in your home country. Understanding the differences and meeting the expectations of the new academic system is crucial to your success as a student as the University of Guelph.  However, there are many people and resources on campus that are here to help you succeed.

The Academic Calendars

The University of Guelph Academic Calendar outlines the university's policies and regulations. In the Academic Calendar, you can find the university’s rules and regulations, courses and programs, schedule of dates and fees for the current and previous academic years. For more information, please refer to the University of Guelph Undergraduate Academic Calendar and Graduate Academic Calendar.

Course Selection

The University of Guelph offers courses in a wide variety of program areas including Arts, Sciences, Commerce, Agriculture, Engineering, Environmental Sciences, and Landscape Architecture, which are divided into several broad Colleges. Students attending Guelph on exchange are able to take courses from all disciplines, except certain courses listed on the Course Restrictions Page.

Detailed information about how to choose the courses you will be taking while on exchange can be found in the Course Selection Guides for Exchange Students.

For a full listing of undergraduate programs and courses, see the Undergraduate Academic Calendar.
For a full listing of graduate programs and courses, see the Graduate Calendar.  

To check the for the availability and schedule of courses that you are interested in taking at Guelph, you can use our academic course search engine, WebAdvisor.

Credits, Grading and Transcripts

Find out how many courses you should take, how the grading system works, and how your UofGuelph transcript will be sent to your home university.

Academic Resources

Learn where to get help with your classes, writing, and English skills.