Safe Travel Information

Travelling safely helps academic travellers focus on their studies, research, and community work without letting things like illness, crime, traffic accidents, and the like spoil the real purpose of the trip.

Some resources to help keep you safe:

  • DepartSmart - The University of Guelph's online pre-departure orientation is required for any student travelling outside Canada (including the U.S.) on any activity related to their studies or organized by the University.

  • Guard.Me travel health insurance - is required for Guelph students going abroad except for international students returning to their home country. International students returning to their home country on a University of Guelph program or for research should ensure they have their own comprehensive health insurance in their home country. 

  • The University's Safe International Travel Policy can tell you if there are any restrictions on where you wish to travel. Use the DFATD travel advisories below to determine the risk status of your proposed destination

  • Global Affairs Canada travel advisories - Can tell you about the hazards of travel in your destination if it is considered high risk.

  • Sign up for Registration of Canadians Abroad (ROCA) before you leave to ensure the Canadian Embassy, Consulate or High Commission in your host country knows you are there and can endeavor to assist you in a crisis

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