Living Off-Campus

Please note: We highly recommend that exchange students live in one of our university residences because it is easier to make friends and you are closer to your classes and campus services. 

Please also be aware that some landlords in Guelph require that students sign an eight or twelve-month lease.  However, by August, landlords who have not rented their rooms yet may be more willing to let exchange students who are only coming for one semester sign a 4-month lease.  Most off-campus houses and apartments are also unfurnished, so you may need to buy your own furniture (bed, dresser, desk, etc.)  Our Off-Campus Living Office runs a helpful program called Move-Out-Madness which collects used furniture from students who are leaving and stores it over the summer. There is then an event called Move-In-Madness during the Fall Orientation Week when new students can choose from these items and have them delivered for free. (This program is only available for exchange students coming for the Fall semester).  There are also several thrift stores in Guelph that sell used furniture.

Finding Off-Campus Housing

If you have chosen to live off-campus, it is suggested that you begin searching for housing well in advance before arriving in Canada and arrive at least two weeks before the beginning of classes or more, so that you have enough time to search and secure a place to live before classes start.  

Most off-campus housing in Guelph is rented on 8- or 12-month lease contracts that start either May 1st or September 1st. The lease is an agreement between the tenant and landlord outlining the rights and responsibilities of each party for the term of the lease.  

You can view listings in Guelph at For more resources and questions concerning living off-campus and landlord-tenant issues visit the Off-Campus Living Website.