Student Health & Dental Plan

PLEASE NOTE: In addition to the Student Health & Dental Plan, all international students are also registered for UHIP.

The Student Health Plan

The Student Health Plan is mandatory for all undergraduate students – it is not possible to apply for an exemption.  The Student Health Plan covers some medical costs that are not covered by UHIP, such as prescription drugs, vision care, physiotherapy and chiropractor. For full details about what is covered under the Student Health Plan, visit the University of Guelph Student Health Plan Page.

You can download and print your Student Health Plan card – we will give you the website link when you arrive. Please note that while most prescription drug costs are covered by the Student Health Plan, you may have to pay for the medication first and then submit a claim form for a refund. Also, many pharmacies in Guelph charge a ‘dispensing fee’ ($5 – $12) for preparing prescriptions, which is not covered by the Student Health Plan.

Dental Plan

The Dental Plan provides some coverage for routine dental care such as examination, consultation and cleanings. For full details about which dental services are covered under the Student Dental Plan, visit the University of Guelph Student Health Plan Page.

The Dental Plan is optional.  If you are already covered for dental services under a health insurance plan from your home country, you can apply to ‘opt-out’ of the University of Guelph dental plan.  To be exempted, you will need to submit a detailed copy of your health insurance plan’s benefits in either English or French to the Student Health Plan Office for consideration by the opt-out deadline.  Please note that you must pay for the Dental Plan first as part of your total student fees, and you will be given a refund cheque in November if you are exempted from the plan.